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Sunscreen Melbourne working with local communities to help reduce retail theft

Community partners in safety and security

Sunscreen Melbourne working with local communities to help reduce retail theft

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With break-ins on the rise within Victoria, the Sunscreen team in Melbourne are offering  local businesses valuable advice and solutions to the real threat of break-in and property theft.

Over the past month, Sunscreen in Melbourne have been working together with local councils and Crime Prevention Divisions within the Police Force to raise awareness of increasing theft rates. From Jan 2015-Dec 2016 theft offences increased by 15.9% and are continuing to rise presenting major repercussions for local business*.

Additional to the monetary loss of theft and burglaries, store owners often overlook the implications break-ins can have on WH&S, liability and their duty of care obligations towards customers and employees. 3M™ Security Window Film, supplied and installed by Sunscreen is a preventative strategy, offering up to 2 minutes deterrence! Effectively making glass windows and doors much stronger, intruders will find it harder to break through as the film holds the glass together, acting as a barrier to entry.

Sunscreen are Partners in Safety & Security with various government initiatives, including but not exclusive to Australian Security & intelligence Organisation, Australian Federal Police and Metro Trains.


Sledgehammer attack at Holloway Diamonds, Brighton.






Targeted Daylight Robbery at Canterbury Jewellery Store.








*Recorded offences for Robbery, January 2015 to December 2016 within Victoria; > Retrieved May 2017